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Tailored workforce for efficiency, productivity, and growth

iStaff's bolt-on workforce solutions will help you to expand your HR, operations, safety and return-to-work teams without the additional costs.

Staffing Solutions

Our workforce is fit for purpose and ready to go

We offer a bolt-on workforce solution that seamlessly expands your human resources, operations, safety, and return-to-work teams without any additional costs. You only pay us when our workforce is physically working on your sites.

Our fully customisable staffing model delivers improved and enhanced resource allocation, labour forecasting, and equipment utilisation, providing you with the competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Our workforce is fit for purpose and ready to go, which enables you to start billing your clients from day one.

Why Choose the iStaff Staffing Model?

Unlike generalist labour providers, our service offering success is built upon three core pillars.

Excellence in Staffing Solutions

We deliver exceptional workforce tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our meticulous approach ensures that we consistently match high quality talent with roles that drive success.

Operational Reliability

Our commitment guarantees consistent and reliable service. We ensure seamless integration with your operations whilst delivering high quality people.

Fully Managed Workforce

End to end solution that takes the hassle out of recruitment and management. Our comprehensive service model covers every aspect, from hiring to ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


Discover the iStaff Difference

Global Access

Providing corporate clients with access to the global talent pool.

Supporting Industry

Connecting talent to job opportunities in recession and pandemic proof industries such as waste, water, and energy.

Track Record

Proven service delivery model with a long-term track record of success.

Recruitment specialists

Specialised Recruitment team aligning the right candidate to the right job, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Experience that counts

Industry trainers closing skill gaps through national accredited training and inductions, enhancing safety performance, and fostering a secure work environment.

Workforce Management

Expert account management team executing end to end workforce management, whilst strategising future requirements.

Expert Facilitators

Skilled safety and return to work team with an extensive return to work program, doctor’s and medical practitioner networks.

Precision Workforce Delivery

High standard performance and delivering fit for purpose and ready to go workforce.

Excellence commitment

We value integrity, honour, quality and commitment backed by supreme safety focus – think safe, act safe, work safe.

Why Choose the iStaff Staffing Model?

Our service offering success is built upon three core pillars

Our team excels in executing every aspect of our precise five-stage candidate vetting process, evaluating pre-existing injuries, medical conditions, skill gaps, job suitability, cultural fit, and all other critical employment aspects to provide you access to top-tier talent.

We recruit based on attitude and transferable skills, whilst closing skill gaps through training. At no cost to you, we facilitate all pre-employment checks, inductions, and training. Our philosophy is to provide you with fit-for-purpose talent.

Fully Managed Workforce 
A twenty-minute service response time positions us at the forefront of operations and employee management. Our service delivery team is trained to address employee performance, labour forecasting, project planning, and safety concerns. With the support of our safety and return-to-work coordinators, you receive an end-to-end fully managed workforce, allowing you to concentrate on servicing your clients and maximising your growth potential.

Start building your team

Let us provide you with a workforce that will be the foundation of your future success.