Recruiting for the future

About iStaff

When it comes to recruitment, we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. We reject the generic recruitment model. Instead, we deliver on our promises and stand behind our words and actions.

Our vision and mission

To provide our corporate clients with fully integrated human resources solutions, whilst delivering access to the global talent pool and a fit for purpose – ready to go workforce.

To connect the workforce of today to the jobs opportunities of tomorrow in waste, water, energy, and emerging industries.

Securing the workforce of tomorrow

We deliver future proof and ready to go workforce

Our service model is a comprehensive approach designed to meet the intricate needs of today's industries.
At its core, the service model brings together a sophisticated infrastructure which is a strategic blend of platforms, systems, processes and driven execution by our subject matter and industry specialists. Everyone in our team has a dedicated role, ensuring optimised results for both our clients, candidates, and employees.

We are not just filling positions, we are sculpting the future of the workforce

Our bespoke recruitment strategy begins with understanding the unique dynamics of the industry. This understanding enables us to tailor our services to not only match your current needs but also anticipate future trends and requirements.
We are about finding the perfect alignment between a candidate and a job, enhancing productivity, job satisfaction, and safety performance. Our recruitment specialists, industry trainers, and expert account management team work synergistically to deliver a workforce that is fit for purpose, ready to excel in today's work environment.

The strength of our service delivery lies in three pivotal outcomes

Fit-for-purpose talent

Made possible through our Recruitment, Selection, and Onboarding Team.

Ready to go workforce

Achieved through our Skill Gaps, Training, and Inductions Programs, all backed by advanced training facilities, specialist industry Trainers and Service Coordinators.

Fully managed workforce

Executed through our meticulous Account Management, Safety, and Return to Work Teams. 

Have a question?

Whether you’re looking for new staff or a new position, our team are ready to help.


Discover the iStaff Difference

Global Access

Providing corporate clients with access to the global talent pool.

Supporting Industry

Connecting talent to job opportunities in recession and pandemic proof industries such as waste, water, and energy.

Track Record

Proven service delivery model with a long-term track record of success.

Recruitment specialists

Specialised Recruitment team aligning the right candidate to the right job, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Experience that counts

Industry trainers closing skill gaps through national accredited training and inductions, enhancing safety performance, and fostering a secure work environment.

Workforce Management

Expert account management team executing end to end workforce management, whilst strategising future requirements.

Expert Return to Work

Skilled safety and return to work team with an extensive return to work program, doctor’s and medical practitioner networks.

Precision Workforce Delivery

High standard performance and delivering fit for purpose and ready to go workforce.

Excellence commitment

We value integrity, honour, quality and commitment backed by supreme safety focus – think safe, act safe, work safe.


A Strategic Approach to Workforce Solutions

Our approach to corporate partnerships transcends traditional staffing solutions. We are not only a recruitment agency; we are a strategic partner in your Company growth.

We understand that the success of our corporate partners hinges on the quality and training of their workforce. That's why we offer a tailor-made approach to workforce solutions, ensuring that each placement is not only a fit for today but a building block for tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does iStaff identify and source quality candidates?

We have a dedicated recruitment team that utilises robust strategies to access candidates in both the active and passive candidate markets. With a vast infrastructure in place, we can effectively create and manage a large candidate pool to meet our clients’ staffing requirements.

What industries and sectors does iStaff specialise in servicing?

We specialise in providing staffing solutions specifically tailored to the waste, water, and energy industries. On the other hand, our outsourcing and training division can cater to a wide range of industry sectors.

Can iStaff assist with temporary, permanent, or long-term staffing solutions?

Yes, we offer temporary, permanent, and long-term staffing solutions to meet diverse employment needs. Whether clients require short-term support or seek permanent hires, we provide flexible staffing options to accommodate their requirements.

How does iStaff ensure the quality and reliability of candidates provided?

We ensure the quality and reliability of candidates through our comprehensive service model, which encompasses end-to-end recruitment, onboarding, upskilling, and workforce management. Engaging with candidates at every stage enables us to maintain high standards and reliability in the workforce we deliver.

What is the process for engaging iStaff's services as a client?

Engaging our services as a client is a straightforward process. Our team will first gather a detailed understanding of your requirements, cultural fit, and work environment. Following this, we will complete the client account setup, including a Credit Check and WHS inspection, before commencing the search for suitable candidates.

Does iStaff offer customised staffing solutions tailored to specific requirements?

Yes, customised staffing solutions tailored to specific clients’ requirements are available. While maintaining high standards in recruiting, onboarding, training, and workforce management across all clients, the execution and day-to-day operations are customisable to meet unique needs.

How do I submit my resume or apply for job opportunities through iStaff?

You can submit your resume or apply for job opportunities through the website by navigating to the "Job Seekers" section, where you'll find a list of available jobs.

What types of job opportunities does iStaff typically offer?

We typically offer long-term job opportunities with the potential for transition to full-time employment and career progression. Our jobs often come with attractive benefits. For specific job information, please refer to the "Job Seeker" section of our website.

How does iStaff support candidates beyond the job commencement phase?

Our support for candidates extends beyond the job placement phase through our inclusive service model that prioritises ongoing care. We remain fully engaged with your progress until you transition to full-time employment with our client or complete your assignment, maintaining communication through phone consultations and face-to-face meetings.

Which locations does iStaff service?

Our internal infrastructure and robust processes enable us to provide staffing, training and outsourcing services Australia-wide.