Outsourcing Services

Scale your business with the worldwide talent pool

We cultivate strong partnerships through purpose built outsourcing solutions that drive success and growth for both our clients and the talented workforce we bring together.

Bridging gaps between talent and opportunities through excellence, innovation, and global recruitment

Since the establishment of our first international office in 2019, we have assembled a diverse team of professionals proficient in a wide range of disciplines, including accounting, administration, customer service, allocations, marketing, human resourcing, IT, and various other back-office support functions.

This strategic expansion has taken our human resourcing capabilities to a global scale. Eliminating geographical constraints has provided our clients with access to the worldwide talent pool, significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency across international borders.

We offer office-based, trained, and experienced professionals, not Virtual Assistants.

Why Outsource with iStaff?

No Upfront Costs

With iStaff, you don't need to worry about any upfront costs such as recruitment fees, marketing expenses, infrastructure investments, and other. This allows you to save money from the outset and allocate your budget effectively.

Pay Per Hour Worked

Our pricing model ensures that you only pay for the hours our staff work. If our staff aren't working for your Company, you don't incur any charges. This transparency and flexibility will allow you to manage your expenses more precisely and avoid unnecessary costs. 

Cost Efficiency

We provide our staff at 1/3 of the local cost. This substantial cost saving can be redirected towards other critical areas of your Company, enhancing overall efficiency and profitability.

Office-Based Staff

Our staff work from our offices, ensuring they are fully engaged and productive. Being in an office environment allows for immediate issue resolution, better staff engagement, which delivers high performance and quality output.                

Centrally Located

Our office is situated in the heart of Ortigas, one of the largest and most desirable business districts in Manila. This prime location provides optimal access to top talent from the passive candidate pool, giving you the best options available on the market.

Fully Equipped from Day One

Our staff are equipped with everything they need to be operational from day one. This includes a designated workstation, desktop computer with dual screens, a keyboard, a noise-canceling headset, high-speed internet connectivity, and a dedicated phone line configured to your location. This ensures a seamless start and immediate productivity.

End-to-End Management

The iStaff service model provides you with the right people who are ready to go from day one and are fully managed by us. We have end-to-end recruitment, operations, and service delivery teams, at your beck and call to support your company.

No Lock-In Contract

Terminating an arrangement is easy - simply let us know. Terms and Conditions apply.

Local People, Global Talent

We don’t use virtual office addresses to claim we are local. We truly are local, with offices in Sydney, Wollongong, and Brisbane. Want to meet our local team? We are here and ready to go.

Discover the benefits of outsourcing

Partner with us and build the foundation of your businesses future success.

Outsourcing through iStaff, it’s just like Working From Home

Aligned Work Schedules

They sit in our Manila office, work your exact office hours, follow your public holiday schedule and take leave during your Company shutdown period.

Localised Integration

Using the secure IT hardware we provide, they maintain high data security standards, have a local phone extension coded to your city and email address that uses your Company email domain.

Easy Communication

They join your morning team huddles, participate in your Company group chats and can be easily CC’d into your Company emails.

Engaged Workforce

Working from our office, provides a structured environment and regular team interactions, ensuring high engagement and productivity.

Comprehensive Service

We handle all employment aspects, including HR, payroll, staff events, engagement activities, and provide day to day operational support.

Headache-Free Solution

Enjoy the benefits of global talent without the hassle of foreign exchange issues, overseas payments, or navigating different labour laws and employment guidelines.    

If your team can work from home, they're ready to outsource effectively

Your branding, company objectives, and processes, executed by skilled professionals and supported by our infrastructure and global exposure, equals your Company's success!