Corporate Partners

Partnering for success

We enable companies to achieve cost savings, ensure quality service delivery, and mitigate risks effectively to thrive in the future.

Securing the workforce of tomorrow

Transformation through strategic human resource management

Our purpose-built processes, systems, and teams are dedicated to delivering a workforce primed for high retention and productivity for companies in the Water, Waste and Energy industries.

We ensure seamless human resourcing solutions tailored to cultivate a ready-to-go workforce. Experience the benefits of our approach: sustained employee retention and enhanced productivity.

Comprehensive Human Resourcing

We provide hands-on solutions with a proven success model to deliver consistent results.


A ready to go and fully managed workforce

End-to-end, human resourcing solution that effortlessly expands your HR, operations, and safety teams - all at no additional cost to you. You only pay when our workforce generates revenue for you by working on your sites.


Global professionals enhancing your team's capabilities

Bolt-on outsourcing solution, bringing the best and most cost-effective talent directly to you. Elevate your customer service, accounts, payroll, IT, administration, and all other back-office support teams effortlessly.


Industry training for a productive and compliant workforce

Nationally accredited training, delivered at our purpose-built facility with a fit for purpose equipment by trainers with hands-on industry experience. Alternatively, our expert trainers can train your team on-site with your equipment.

Corporate Partners

Seamless workforce solutions for high retention and productivity

As the only human resourcing company in the waste, water, and energy industries, we proudly support Australia's largest and leading companies. Our expertise and proven track record position us as specialists capable to effectively delivering on our partners' objectives.

By offering a diverse range of services tailored to meet their needs, we enable them to achieve cost savings, ensure quality service delivery, and mitigate risks effectively. This approach, already embraced by major competitors in the Australian market, underscores our partners' leadership in setting industry standards and gaining a larger market share.

3 Reasons to choose iStaff

High employee retention rates and productivity

Our meticulously selected and extensively trained personnel ensures seamless operations and regulatory compliance, providing you with a safe and compliant workforce.

Access to leading industry experts

Our experienced team are dedicated to shaping a sustainable workforce while enhancing your company's reputation in the community and marketplace.

Workforce solutions to accomodate broader needs

We offer a diverse range of services tailored to meet our clients needs by enabling them to achieve cost savings, ensure quality service delivery, and mitigate risks effectively.

Certified Training Resources Australia

Training for the future

Our nationally accredited programs offer a comprehensive range of courses tailored to your specific industry needs, ensuring that your workforce is equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. Conducted at our purpose-built facility, our hands-on training sessions provide practical experience using industry-standard equipment, guaranteeing proficiency in real-world scenarios.

With expert trainers boasting extensive industry knowledge, you can trust that your team will receive top quality training. By aligning with iStaff and CTRA, you not only enhance the competency and productivity of your workforce but also ensure compliance with regulatory standards, positioning your company for a long-term prosperity.