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Our commitment to ongoing, long-term positions means you'll have a secure foothold with a clear pathway to full-time employment.

Joining our workforce

Unlock Your Potential with us

We pride ourselves on our unique service model, centred around our exceptional workforce.  Our core mission revolves around recognising our employees' transferable skills and empowering them through upskilling initiatives to bridge skill gaps. This approach not only enhances your expertise but also opens doors to transition into recession-proof industries, providing stability and longevity in your role. 

Join us and unlock your potential in an environment that values your growth and recognises your contributions.


Discover the iStaff Difference

Career Growth

We are dedicated to fostering career growth opportunities for our employees, through partnering with large companies focused on expanding their workforce skills and capabilities.  Experience firsthand the remarkable journey of our past labourers, now excelling in management and decision-making positions.

Supporting Industry

We are dedicated to fostering career growth opportunities for our employees, through partnering with large companies focused on expanding their workforce skills and capabilities. Some of our past labourers, now excel in management and decision-making positions.


We prioritise employment practices that value transferable skills over qualifications. By working with iStaff, you will have the opportunity to obtain nationally recognised tickets. These credentials become your personal assets, enhancing your employability and opening doors to diverse career pathways across Australia.

Job Security

In the ever-evolving world, industries fluctuate, but the demand for waste, water, and energy remains as a standout recession-proof industries. These essential services are integral to human existence and are virtually impossible to stop. By joining the iStaff team in servicing these critical industries, you secure long-term job stability and a future-proof career path that aligns with the core needs of society.

Setup for success

Unlike other staffing agencies that take a "flick and stick" approach, we work closely with you throughout the entire process. We set clear expectations, connect you with jobs that align with your goals and match you with clients that satisfy your needs. Our commitment doesn't end there; we stay by your side throughout the entire journey, ensuring your continued growth.


Our guiding principles of "if you can't add any value, get out of the way", "pay people on time every time", and "everyone needs to go back to their families safely", drive us to provide safe working environment and benefits for our employees. With iStaff, you get endless job opportunities in recession-proof industries, the ability to reach your earning potential and the chance to create a meaningful future.

Find the STAR Performer in you

Our approach to employee engagement is designed to unlock the STAR performer in you. Your talents, dedication, and contributions are not only recognised but also valued and rewarded.

S – Strive 

T – Thrive

A – Achieve 

R – Reward

Our supportive environment and opportunities for growth will empower you to unleash your full potential and excel in your role. 

Work Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Prioritising safety has driven us to obtain ISO certification for our systems, processes, policies, and infrastructure. This accreditation ensures that our employees, clients, and ourselves adhere to the highest safety standards, providing a safe work environment. Our employees benefit from enhanced safety protocols, streamlined processes, and clear policies that promote their well-being. Furthermore, it cements our commitment to upholding the highest standards of excellence and professionalism.

In the event of an incident, accident, or injury at work, we are here to help you. Please report all incidents and injuries immediately via the Injury Report Form. Our emergency phone line is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us on 02 9525 8503.

Incident or an injury, we will be there every step of the way!

Report immediately

All incidents and injuries must be reported immediately by calling 02 9525 8503.


We connect you with our purpose-built Doctors Network who specialise in injury management and recovery to ensure the best care.

Return to work

We will support your return to work within your capacity, allowing you to perform suitable duties.

Recover at work

We will facilitate your recovery every step of the way until you return to your normal duties.

Our safety values